The Alford Group Redefines Image

The Alford Group, a national leader in consulting for “not for profit” companies wanted to redefine its brand image. Helping with the process, Zgroup was commissioned to redevelop the visual messaging and apply it to several marketing pieces.
The logo was refined—redistributing importance to the mark. Business collateral was redesigned to reflect a fresh new presence. The redesigned capabilities folder, establishes a presence in the new communication system and provides flexibility in the way it’s used to target Alford Groups audience. Additional communication material included a four-color capabilities brochure and template data sheets.
Zgroup is continuing to strengthen its presence in the not-for-profit community. Helping many companies like The Alford Group in the development of their brand messaging, applying its ideas to various mediums and user experiences. Founded in 1989, Zgroup has maintained a strong presence in the Seattle area as well as a national exposure, servicing the public, private and non-profit sectors.

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