Leadership Redefined

BenefitNorthwest, a leader in employee benefit consulting, has joined the worldwide network of Gallagher Benefit Services. What does this mean? It means tapping the resources of the nation’s third largest benefit brokerage firm while keeping the local management and client care of the Reppond Company that has maintained a solid reputation for years.

Helping with the transition, kgz@ home, in alliance with Zgroup was commissioned to bring forward the visual message, applying it to several existing marketing pieces. First was the sales brochure, where an outer wrap was created integrating the old with the new. The use of red, the corporate blue and subtler colors for contrast made this piece a stand out at any trade show. Second, the booth graphics needed updating. A new modern structure was formed allowing flexibility in swapping out panels when needed. As the marriage of the two companies grow, a more complete marketing plan will be put in place.

Zgroup has helped many companies like Gallagher Benefit Services in the development of their brand messaging, applying its ideas to various mediums and user experiences. Founded in 1989, Zgroup has maintained a strong presence in the Seattle area as well as a national exposure, servicing the public and private sectors.

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